Babille – Ethiopia – January 2018

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Babille – Ethiopia – January 2018

Signs on the wall

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Difficult (10 images to select)

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It was a rainy afternoon in Jaffna, the light was near to perfect. I discovered a corner and a wonderful wall. Shot far too much images and managed to produce a smaller choice of 10.

From my point of view 10 are still too much, what do you think? What are the real good moments; the keepers, and which one could be removed?


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Jerusalem - Israel - June 2017
Jerusalem - Israel - June 2017

Jerusalem – Israel – June 2017

Do Bigger things

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Berlin – Germany – August 2017

Western Wall – Jerusalem

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Jerusalem - Israel - June 2017

You can’t go home without some impressions from the Western Wall..

More graffiti from Jerusalem

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erusalem - Israel - June 2017
erusalem - Israel - June 2017

Jerusalem – Israel – June 2017


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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

The Art of walking (Part – I)

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Sometimes you find a magical place to take street photography… here I could not resist to press the button more often as usual. Four decisive moments for today:

More autumn

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Close to home there is this amazing wall with a Hedera that has been cut to protect the house.

Saint Louis - France - September 2015

Another interpretation from a few years ago:

Elections here and there

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Today, in Germany there are elections. What would happen when there would be real elections in Cuba…

Camagüey - Cuba - January 2009

Camagüey – Cuba – January 2009

Photographers rule Nr. #2

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Decisive moment in Copenhagen

Be there, See and record the moment…

— click on the image for a larger version

Decisive moment in Copenhagen

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