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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

Find the bird…

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Izmir - Turkey - May 2012

Copenhagen – Denmark – Augus 2013

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Decisive Moment in Senegal

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Girl walking in Saint Louis Senegal looking at a mirror

This one is a bit complicated… let me explain:

A big part of Saint Louis in Senegal is an island with 5 parallel streets. This is the middle one in the southern part, there is a small shop selling clothes. The door is open, a mirror hangs on the door showing what is happening on the street. A girl is passing, a moment, click… the moment, forever frozen here…

— click on the image for a large version

Girl walking in Saint Louis Senegal looking at a mirror

Decisive moment, a girl walking and looking in a mirror

Saint Louis – France – July 2013

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Parked car
Parked car

Update Sept 2015: another interpretation:

Surrealism in Senegal

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A surrealistic scene in Dakar…
Click on image for a larger version.

Dakar - Senegal - January 2013

Dakar – Senegal – January 2013

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