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Kandy – Sri Lanka – March 2017


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Nainativu – Sri Lanka – March 2017

Sri Lanka – Temple of the Tooth (14 images)

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Sri Dalada Maligawa is a major Buddhist  temple in Kandy located at the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy. The tooth relic of Buddha has played an important role in political history because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country.

Bellow some impressions from this temple, click on an image for the full size gallery.


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Mihintale – Sri Lanka – March 2017


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Colombo – Sri Lanka – March 2017

Colombo – Sri Lanka – March 2017


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It is time for an exception. I re-post this portrait from 2010 now in colour. This is unusual for me but I would like to send out a message today.

Back in 2010, I was in Sittwe (Myanmar) on a market, a boy was going around. The people there, they did not appreciate his appearance on the market. The men hit him, this small Rohingya boy probably only was looking something to eat.

These days we learn the Rohingya’s are escaping from Myanmar, they are not welcome in Bangladesh and India. The world today still has dark sides far away from our safe homes, I hope the Rohinga’s find a safe harbour soon!

— Click on image for full size image…


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Bethlehem – Palestine – June 2017

An evening in the streets of Jerusalem (with the Fujifilm X Pro2)

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Jerusalem - Israel - June 2017

In June this year I was close to a traditional area in Jerusalem, worth a visit to see another side of the humanity unknown to me.

I expected that it would be very difficult to make or take any reasonable street photography here. Surprisingly enough it was easier as expected, the Fujifilm X Pro2 was a big help. After several years with the X Pro1 I recently switched to the X Pro2. The transition was smooth, with the X pro2 I managed to seamlessly blend in the street-life of Jerusalem. On the X Pro2 I had the XF 35 f2.0 which quickly became my most loved piece of glass.

Today it is time to share 10 images on my blog, I think it is more than worth a look. Some shots maybe technically not perfect, it however all is about the impression I like to share.



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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

2 friends..

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Madurai - India - January 2008

… the third one? (maybe)

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as promised in the previous post here’s the third one:
Madurai - India - January 2008This one I do like most.. which one do you like?

Which one…

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Normally I just make one portrait, this is an exception it is difficult to select which one to keep.

Let me know what you think.

In the next post here another one!

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