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It is time for an exception. I re-post this portrait from 2010 now in colour. This is unusual for me but I would like to send out a message today.

Back in 2010, I was in Sittwe (Myanmar) on a market, a boy was going around. The people there, they did not appreciate his appearance on the market. The men hit him, this small Rohingya boy probably only was looking something to eat.

These days we learn the Rohingya’s are escaping from Myanmar, they are not welcome in Bangladesh and India. The world today still has dark sides far away from our safe homes, I hope the Rohinga’s find a safe harbour soon!

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Street vendor

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Colombo - Sri Lanka - March 2017
Colombo - Sri Lanka - March 2017

Colombo – Sri Lanka – March 2017

Don’t look

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Male - Maldives - February 2017

Male – Maldives – February 2017


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Bursa - Turkey - May 2012

With and without

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Again two  portraits, which one do you prefer?

No picture!

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Normally I ask before to make a picture, candid shots like this are a rare exception. I am not sure if those 3 men agreed or not. The moment is unique, so I did decide to show it here..
Arusha - Tanzania - January 2015

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