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Berat – Albania – August 2011

How do you feel today?

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Weil am Rhein - Germany - April 2016

Proud men at work

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These two men where looking at me while I was looking around on a street in Bursa. Showed them my camera to try if they would agree with a portrait. Well, they where really proud and open for a picture.

Bursa - Turkey - May 2012


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Chidambaram - India - January 2008

Puducherry – India – January 2008

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Puducherry - India - January 2008

Desert fun

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Close to Djenné in the Desert these girls had a lot of fun to be in the picture.

Click image to see the large version.

Djenné - Mali - January 2007

Djenné – Mali – January 2007

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