Proud dad

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Dire Dawa – Ethiopia – January 2018

Love story

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Jaffna – Sri Lanka – March 2017

Back home…

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I am back home from an amazing trip in Ethiopia with a lot of impressions. It will take months to pick the best ones and show them here.

Today a preview from the Arbore tribe in the Omo Valley, stay tuned… more to come in the Blog soon!

Omo Valley – Ethiopia – January 2018

Waiting for departure

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Kandy – Sri Lanka – March 2017


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Matale – Sri Lanka – March 2017


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Jerusalem – Israel – June 2017

Italian Moments – Piazza

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Roma - Italy - October 2010

Italian Moments – Gelato

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Roma - Italy - October 2010

Italian Moments – Nutella

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Roma - Italy - October 2010Similar one from Cuba: Stars and Stripes

Hope you managed your Christmas shopping

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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

Wait for the green light

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Barcelona - Spain - October 2015

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