An evening in the streets of Jerusalem (with the Fujifilm X Pro2)

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Jerusalem - Israel - June 2017

In June this year I was close to a traditional area in Jerusalem, worth a visit to see another side of the humanity unknown to me.

I expected that it would be very difficult to make or take any reasonable street photography here. Surprisingly enough it was easier as expected, the Fujifilm X Pro2 was a big help. After several years with the X Pro1 I recently switched to the X Pro2. The transition was smooth, with the X pro2 I managed to seamlessly blend in the street-life of Jerusalem. On the X Pro2 I had the XF 35 f2.0 which quickly became my most loved piece of glass.

Today it is time to share 10 images on my blog, I think it is more than worth a look. Some shots maybe technically not perfect, it however all is about the impression I like to share.


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