Difficult (10 images to select)

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It was a rainy afternoon in Jaffna, the light was near to perfect. I discovered a corner and a wonderful wall. Shot far too much images and managed to produce a smaller choice of 10.

From my point of view 10 are still too much, what do you think? What are the real good moments; the keepers, and which one could be removed?

The other side of the Maldives

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Vaadhoo - Maldives - February 2017

For some people the Maldives mean relaxing and after some days it might become somewhat boring. The challenge is to turn this boredom into a state of seeing and discover if there is more than just drinks, water and sunshine. Believe it or not, but there is more to see and discover. The Maldives are not just resorts, there are locals living as well on the Islands. There are streets, houses, graffiti, elections and people.

In this gallery I show the other side of the Maldives. This side is not as polished as the resorts for tourists, it is the other reality of the paradise.


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Maafushi - Maldives - February 2017
Maafushi - Maldives - February 2017

Maafushi – Maldives – February 2017

Don’t look

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Male - Maldives - February 2017

Male – Maldives – February 2017

Back home…

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I have been on the road again, I did not find the time to post here. Here a first impression from the Maldives. This probably is not the kind of image you expected to see from the Maldives, I will show more unconventional images here soon.

Male – Maldives – February 2017

Watch your step…

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Muscat - Oman - February 2016


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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

Istanbul – Turkey – May 2012

The Art of walking (Part – III)

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The Art of walking (Part – II)

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I suppose you saw the previous post. After making those photographs I walked and found this amazing spot in the same street…

The Art of walking (Part – I)

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Sometimes you find a magical place to take street photography… here I could not resist to press the button more often as usual. Four decisive moments for today:

No picture!

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Normally I ask before to make a picture, candid shots like this are a rare exception. I am not sure if those 3 men agreed or not. The moment is unique, so I did decide to show it here..
Arusha - Tanzania - January 2015

Classical Street Moments in Barcelona….

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