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Pula - Croatia - September 2016

The way we walk…

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The way we walk

The way we walk

A person returning from the beach in the rain… just a few drops. Not too wet to let the camera disappear and capture this moment.

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Pas de SPAM S.V.P.

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Diptych – Muscat vs Havana

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Sometimes years you find back an image in another country…

How do you feel today?

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Weil am Rhein - Germany - April 2016

Surrealism in Muscat

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Muscat - Oman - February 2016

The man without head

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Dubai - United Arab. Emirates - February 2016

Abstract experiment

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Not my typical style but from time to time I experiment a bit..

More experiments here!

Vitra in Weil am Rhein

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More autumn

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Close to home there is this amazing wall with a Hedera that has been cut to protect the house.

Saint Louis - France - September 2015

Another interpretation from a few years ago: https://www.photo-vinc.com/2013/07/27/saint-louis-france-july-2013/

First paper folded birds heading south…

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This weekend is the first rainy weekend, it  seems finally autumn is coming… the paper folded birds are heading south early this year.


This one might come as a surprise…

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Today no portrait, no people… let’s try something different! To some of my visitors this might be disturbing, for me it is another piece in my visual journey. I see a lot of people during my journey but sometimes some impressions of other subjects interest me.

These doors and the no parking signs in our village I saw at least 1’000 times.  Often I had a camera with me, it never worked for me… today they where there, after various billboard signs of local events, some football games they where “ready” for me…

Saint Louis - France - August 2015Wonderful signs of decay, soon the building, the doors and the signs will be gone.

For me this is a memory of daily walks in the evening, hope you see something here as well.

Let me know your thoughts…..

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