Nizwa livestock souq – The Birds

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At the back of the livestock souq in Nizwa they’re selling birds. With some first pocket-money it must be possible to get one…

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Nizwa livestock souq

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Every Friday morning it is market day in Nizwa, a lot of action is going on. I tried to summarize the most interesting images…

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Men’s Business

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This might look more serious as it is, the rifles and knifes are a decorative part of the life of proud men in Oman…

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Temple guard in Kanchipuram

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Technical perfection

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To show the emotion of the street technical perfection is not always needed:

Event of the day

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January 2010 in Burma we arrived in Mrauk U, we traveled by plane and found out by seeing these boys we have missed the Solar Eclipse. They used video tape to “protect” their eyes, far from optimal but creative use of trash.

The atmosphere in the streets was amazing, the children where in a state of highly unusual excitement. Bellow some more impressions.

Today’s I missed the solar eclipse here sitting in some meeting. Later during the lunch break I did not saw such an excitement outside in the street.

Impressing the girls

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In some parts of Cambodia parents build little huts for their children. The boys get slightly larger ones… What is happening there?

The teenagers can get visitors, a boy or a girlfriend… just the opposite of arranged marriage.

Nothing stays like it is, the world is developing and those traditions are disappearing. Romantic moments in the evening around a motorbike of the bigger ones in the spare light of a diesel generator seem to be the next future…  anyway, it is a life without Facebook and other Internet platforms.

Hold-Up robbery in Cambodia…

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In Rio it was real… in Cambodia it was more like a game.


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Domino in the street

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Chess School

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In an earlier post I showed one portrait taken in a Cuban chess school in Cienfuegos. Today I decided to select some more impressions from there.

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