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Salalah - Oman - February 2016

Nizwa – Oman – February 2016

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Nizwa - Oman - February 2016

An evening in Nizwa

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Nizwa - Oman - February 2016

Shopping jewelry in Nizwa

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Nizwa - Oman - February 2016

Metro story in Dubai

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Dubai - United Arab. Emirates - February 2016

Italian Moments – Piazza

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Roma - Italy - October 2010

Decisive metro moments

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3 images taken within a minute…. there are hours you see nothing and there are those decisive moments where a lot is going on…

Click on image to see a larger version.


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A while ago… I am working on my pictures in the working room, window is open… suddenly some saxophone music comes from the street. At such a moment you have to decide, so I ran down and took these portraits just in front of our flat in France.

A few days later I met him again and he got prints…

Not working on PC screen…

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… this one for me, is not working on my PC screen. Printed on paper it makes a great image… but here…

Saint Louis - France - September 2015…I don’t know…. let me know what You think.. and what you see…

Time for a selfie..

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Making selfies became more and more populair, this is my contribution to the hype:
Spain - September 2014

Another night shot…

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Barcelona - Spain - September 2014

Unsharp impressions

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Not well focused, not al are sharp.. it is just about the impression here

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