My present for the visitors of this blog

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… the gallery with photos of Turkey is ready. Regular blog visitors saw most of it, just take this as a summary.

India Galleries are ready…

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The portraits from India are ready, most of them shown already in the blog here so this is a summary.



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Tattooed faces

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Havanian Soapbox Race

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The Cubans are masters of repairing and recycling. These boys made three-wheeled soap boxes. To get wheels probably is a mission impossible but ball bearings suit the job perfectly. Bellow a short reportage of a race. Great game!

Some more dogs…

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Last days.. I showed some dogs.. I have some more and show the consolidated set now:

Havana Baseball Mania

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“Parque Central” in Havana, at any hour of the day it seems there is a contra-revolution. It is something different men passionately debate baseball at all hours of the day. They are shouting and having nose-to-nose confrontations. Several debates are going on in parallel, a flow of expression not possible everywhere else in Cuba.

Not free from doubts, I decided to blend with the crowd and made a series of portraits. Normally I do not take candid portraits, but here there was that acceptance of the proud Cuban men. I made about 60 portraits, in the gallery bellow I show 18 images worth sharing.

Syrian portrait

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Damascus - Syria - May 2009

Damascus – Syria – May 2009

Senegal gallery completed

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Today I was productive, the Senegal gallery has been completed. Mainly portraits with a few exceptions. Enjoy!

Visit the Gallery…

Starting to publish Portraits from Senegal

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elderly african woman selling fish on market

I have started with the Senegal Gallery containing portraits from the last trip earlier this year.

elderly african woman selling fish on market

Portrait of a woman selling fish at the market in Kaolack – Senegal

Mali Gallery completed!

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Malian boy with toy tire playing in the street

It is reality, the first real gallery in new design is ready. It took me some hours… you can see it here.

Malian boy with toy tire playing in the street

Pays Dogon – Mali – January 2007


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