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Barcelona – Spain – July 2011


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Athens - Greece - March 2013

Athens - Greece - March 2013

The way we walk

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Barcelona – Spain – December 2013

1, 2, 3

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Where are we going…

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Xurreria on the go…

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FCB – Number 9

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… leaving just a memory …

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Pula - Croatia - September 2016


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Saint Louis - France - May 2016

The perfect stranger

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Sometimes I see someone and say to myself, that person is unique. This happened again a few weeks ago, I observed this man in the bar we (me and my wife) visit in summer and said, well that’s an interesting face. Sometimes… miracles happen, he is leaving and looks at my Fuji X Pro1 which clearly looks very old with all the signs of use. He invites us for another drink and we start to talk about the weather and other things… it is time to pick up that good old camera and capture some impressions…

Normally I just press one or two times the button. I found out that this is more than enough, here I pressed 8 times and show my selection of four.

(click on an image to see an even more larger version)

After the drinks we’ve shared I promised him to bring some prints next days, they still are here… till today I did not see him again.


What are they looking for?

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Window shopping in Venice

Sinterklaas… (Shocking content for Dutch/Belgium readers)

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Ik vond de waarheid over de Sint en waarvan hij de kadootjes betaalt…

Šibenik - Croatia - August 2016

…. onafhankelijk van wat ik zag is dit echt schokkend… mijn ouders vertelde ooit toen ik 7 was of zo, dat het allemaal niet waar was. Ik ontdekte dat hij toch bestaat…. Ik ga mijn schoen weer zetten dit jaar!

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