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Hi There,

After a long time of preparation, my new website just went online. On the long-term it will replace this site and the blog.

What is new and why such a complete remake?

  • The existing site has been online now for more than 5 years,  time came to create a new site with larger images and a more modern and smooth design.
  • Long ago, I published some photo-video reportages on here. Those reportages, are small on today’s screens and based on the Flash/Shockwave technology, a no-go today. I decided to follow a new approach and move to YouTube videos.  There are already some new reportages from the recent trip to Ethiopia and remake of “The Moustache Brothers” reportage from Burma, this reportage is now in color. More to come soon!
  • The number of pictures in the galleries has been dramatically reduced, I now only will show the very best.
  • Color yes! That is another change. After long and almost endless considerations, I decided there will be color photographs in the galleries, first work in the portraits section Black and White is great but sometimes, color is magic too.

So, what is happening now with the this website and blot? I don’t know yet, for the time being it will continue to exist, however there will be no new work there. Sooner or later it will retire completely.

I do hope you’re enjoying the new website.


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6 comments on “This blog is closing…
  1. Look forward to seeing your new site and your work in colour. Best of luck.

  2. brenda says:

    This is the second shift I’ve read about from those I follow on WordPress. Is there a change with WordPress coming up? I just visited your new home…beautiful. Best of luck with this new endeavor!

  3. Great new home… I am currently working on a similar approach. Best of luck with your new site and your business. Bookmarked your new portfolio site. Greetings from the North of Germany. Reinhold

    • Good to hear that you found me, as you see it is big step in the right direction. The development and design however took me far too much time. Things start small with a nice template, then one idea after each other. Learned a lot but too less time for real creative work was left.

      Greetings from the point where the French, German and swiss borders meet,

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