Happy (6 portraits)

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Usually I just make one portrait, this lovely woman in Galle (Sri Lanka) was more than worth a series of images taken during 2 visits in her house.

Click on an image to see the large version.

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6 comments on “Happy (6 portraits)
  1. Marijke says:

    Wonderful set of monochrome portraits

  2. natuurfreak says:

    Schitterende reeks van deze vrolijke dame.

  3. wdeod says:

    no 2 is the best

  4. Nil says:

    I wouldn’t know which one to chose, really… She is a lovely lady and your photos show that fully! They all complement each other, opening up another aspect of her… In the third photo, for example, I can just see her as a young girl, a bit shy, covering her face and giggling away 😉 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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