Difficult (10 images to select)

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It was a rainy afternoon in Jaffna, the light was near to perfect. I discovered a corner and a wonderful wall. Shot far too much images and managed to produce a smaller choice of 10.

From my point of view 10 are still too much, what do you think? What are the real good moments; the keepers, and which one could be removed?

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6 comments on “Difficult (10 images to select)
  1. rxfrazier says:

    The last two (9/10 & 10/10) work the best for me. Especially the last one with the umbrella connection to the water and the simplicity of the image. I also like the second image (2/10) because of the reflection and the dynamic look.

  2. I would remove 4 (subjects shot ‘from behind); 5 (I would have liked a bigger biker for more contact; or a smaller one and much more of the zebra-background, so that he would ‘get lost’ in an abstract-minimal composition); 6 is fine because it is about the stripes and their reflection, with an occasional biker; I prefer 8 over 7 because it’s more sharp and crispy and the girl in 7 hasn’t her best facial expression. The rest is fine for the series….

  3. Nil says:

    1, 8, 9, 10 work for me… 🙂

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