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Italian Moments – Mask shop

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Roma - Italy - October 2010


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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

Istanbul – Turkey – May 2012

Wasted time….

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… just a small note for my Facebook followers.. I am getting too old for facebook and I radically decided to delete my account there, I will use the phone and e-mail more.

My present for the visitors of this blog

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… the gallery with photos of Turkey is ready. Regular blog visitors saw most of it, just take this as a summary.

Hope you managed your Christmas shopping

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I’m not a wedding photographer…

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but on a day like today for some good reason I show a wedding…

Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012


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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

Dervishe Dance

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BBQ time

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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012Magic light and smoke from BBQ in a public park in Istanbul (Turkey).

Turkey and Syria

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When I processed this image (the left one) from an Istanbul market. A picture I made a few years ago in Syria (the right one) came into my mind.

For more men at work check out the portfolio “Men (and women) at work)” on this site!


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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

Rain outside

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Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

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