“The Three In-laws” – Always consider to ask!

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Nine out of ten times I ask the people before taking a portrait. Sometimes I think this will not work, most of the times people agree and you can make a (group) portrait like this one. It is full of mixed emotions of a kind difficult to catch in a candid. So yes I’m a no-candid man.

Bursa - Turkey - May 2012 Oh yes and I break a rule here: “Never make photo’s of people eating.”

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8 comments on ““The Three In-laws” – Always consider to ask!
  1. Nil says:

    You are a very polite photographer, Vince 😉
    It certainly makes for quite different photos and indeed catches other emotions, just as interesting as candid – but a different sort of interaction… It also makes your portrets recognizable as being yours – and I like that.

    I’m more the kind to lurk in the shadows or catch the moment of first eye contact – but then, you probably know that. I like the unexpected… It can be complete unawareness – or discovery. But I am still polite enough to ask (afterwards…) if it is ok that I took the photo if I see they are irritated… 😉

    I never knew there was a rule that you shouldn’t photograph eating people…

    • Hi Nil,

      thanks for your thoughts! Without asking in advance you get more natural images, I like that as well but it is more difficult (but not impossible) to come up with a recognizable style.

      About people eating, just consider their mouths might be full and in strange positions, it’s most of the time not very elegant. Here timing worked, being in the picture had a higher priorities as having a bite from their Tulumba.

  2. Paco G.R. says:

    Sencillamente genial, me gusta mucho.

  3. MILINKOVIC says:

    Hi Vince, such a great shot – reminds me of my grandmothers when headscarves were still a respectable requirement in Serbia. I understand your sentiment about asking for permission before taking a shot, its the human thing to do. Having said that, I recently watched a film about Vivian Maier, which moved me greatly – have you seen it? Its difficult not to be bowled over by her work, and she took her shots discreetly, without permission – many of the facial expressions would be impossible otherwise, and thats what makes her work such great art. I think ultimately its a personal choice, about what we want our work to be about, and our ethics I guess. I do admire your stance, I think its the tougher route. Link to Vivian Maier site, although I’m sure you’re already familiar: http://www.vivianmaier.com

  4. bcelasun says:

    How about the title : The Three In-laws?

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