Grafitti sucks like…

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This one is for Akbar, a source of inspiration from my home town The Hague (Holland).

I do have some mixed feelings about graffiti, these from Barcelona are great pieces of Art but the last one gives some food for thought…

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4 comments on “Grafitti sucks like…
  1. akbarsim says:

    Heel mooi in zwartwit!!

  2. MILINKOVIC says:

    Provocative, yes, but isn’t all good graffiti? I got to thinking recently about the choices we make creatively speaking – I realised that beauty misses the point, for me at least (as an artist) – I believe that you express something similar on your profile page; stunning artwork or photograph may not necessarily be great art, and provocative art may not necessarily be great art either, but combining elements with deep & sincere intent may induce something great, and thats something to aim for. On a different subject, we shouldn’t be afraid of free speech, we can hear it, but we are not obliged to accept it as our own, and thats the profundity of freedom. Thanks for sharing your work, which I’m enjoying immensly.

    • … you’re 100% right my work is not about beauty or art, it is more about trying to share feelings that where present when I met wonderful people around the world. Happy to hear that you enjoy.. more portraits to come soon!

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