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“The Three In-laws” – Always consider to ask!

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Nine out of ten times I ask the people before taking a portrait. Sometimes I think this will not work, most of the times people agree and you can make a (group) portrait like this one. It is full of mixed emotions of a kind difficult to catch in a candid. So yes I’m a no-candid man.

Bursa - Turkey - May 2012 Oh yes and I break a rule here: “Never make photo’s of people eating.”

Proud men at work

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These two men where looking at me while I was looking around on a street in Bursa. Showed them my camera to try if they would agree with a portrait. Well, they where really proud and open for a picture.

Bursa - Turkey - May 2012

Men at work in Bursa

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Wait for the green light

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Barcelona - Spain - October 2015

Grafitti sucks like…

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This one is for Akbar, a source of inspiration from my home town The Hague (Holland).

I do have some mixed feelings about graffiti, these from Barcelona are great pieces of Art but the last one gives some food for thought…

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Decisive metro moments

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3 images taken within a minute…. there are hours you see nothing and there are those decisive moments where a lot is going on…

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Radio walkman

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A portrait from my favorite street in Barcelona: Avinguda de Mistral.

I met this elderly man with his headphones and asked him what he was listening, he replied: “Radiolé només la música!!” non stop, uninterrupted music from Spain.


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I’m back from a short visit to Barcelona and found some willing models…

Street vendor

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In Bursa I met this man and looked at his business. There was nothing to buy for me there but he was so happy and proud to have a chat with me and was open for a few pictures.

Last lighter

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Izmir - Turkey - May 2012

Into the light

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Izmr- Turkey - May 2012

Mix of Civilizations and Cultures

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Istanbul Ataturk Airport fascinated me, this an airport where the mixture of cultures seems to be at the maximum.

Istanbul - Turkey - May 2012

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