With and without

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Again two  portraits, which one do you prefer?

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12 comments on “With and without
  1. Sonja says:

    The one without the cap, more natural!

  2. The left one! It has a lot more character, imo 🙂
    Both great ones though 😉

  3. Hartmut says:

    a really difficult decision – it*s an impressive character in both ways…

  4. Hartmut says:

    Hard to say – twice the same guy and obviously twice a real character
    (my opinion: the left one is before and the right one is after work…)

  5. Hi Vincent. The left hand picture works for me because the composition is more balanced whereas in the second photo, there’s conflict between his head and the background. Also he is more relaxed and the smile is more genuine.

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