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Find the bird…

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Izmir - Turkey - May 2012

Family portraits

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I don’t know why but it is difficult for me to make portraits of my family and people close to me. Last weekend I managed to make two portraits of my brother and father…

… I am quite happy with the portraits and think it they are worth to be shown on my blog.

Holland walking…

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Drunen - Holland - September 2015


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Mumbay - India - January 2008


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A while ago… I am working on my pictures in the working room, window is open… suddenly some saxophone music comes from the street. At such a moment you have to decide, so I ran down and took these portraits just in front of our flat in France.

A few days later I met him again and he got prints…

Not working on PC screen…

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… this one for me, is not working on my PC screen. Printed on paper it makes a great image… but here…

Saint Louis - France - September 2015…I don’t know…. let me know what You think.. and what you see…

With and without

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Again two  portraits, which one do you prefer?

Curved light

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for a moment just imagine the soft and subtle, muted colors…

Weil am Rhein - Germany - July 2015

Madurai – India – January 2008

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Madurai - India - January 2008

More autumn

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Close to home there is this amazing wall with a Hedera that has been cut to protect the house.

Saint Louis - France - September 2015

Another interpretation from a few years ago:

First paper folded birds heading south…

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This weekend is the first rainy weekend, it  seems finally autumn is coming… the paper folded birds are heading south early this year.



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Madurai - India - January 2008

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