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Goa – India – January 2008

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Madurai - India - January 2008

Another bus with delay?

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Another bus with a boy waiting to leave…

Goa - India - January 2008

Delayed bus

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Mamallapuram - India - January 2008

2 friends..

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Madurai - India - January 2008

… the third one? (maybe)

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as promised in the previous post here’s the third one:
Madurai - India - January 2008This one I do like most.. which one do you like?

Which one…

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Normally I just make one portrait, this is an exception it is difficult to select which one to keep.

Let me know what you think.

In the next post here another one!

Another square

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Thanjavur - India - January 2008

The power of the square format

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I love squares…

This one might come as a surprise…

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Today no portrait, no people… let’s try something different! To some of my visitors this might be disturbing, for me it is another piece in my visual journey. I see a lot of people during my journey but sometimes some impressions of other subjects interest me.

These doors and the no parking signs in our village I saw at least 1’000 times.  Often I had a camera with me, it never worked for me… today they where there, after various billboard signs of local events, some football games they where “ready” for me…

Saint Louis - France - August 2015Wonderful signs of decay, soon the building, the doors and the signs will be gone.

For me this is a memory of daily walks in the evening, hope you see something here as well.

Let me know your thoughts…..

Thanjavur – India – January 2008

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Thanjavur - India - January 2008

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