Groups in India

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I am more specialized in portraits of single persons. When I have to do some group it is getting difficult for me. Surprisingly enough I made these four groups within a couple of hours. Indian people in temples are very proud and open for a spontaneous session.

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6 comments on “Groups in India
  1. Jim Talon says:

    You should do that more Vincent, amazing work!

  2. Joachim Müller says:


  3. Mort Linder says:


    The pix are superb, albeit the upper right one could have utilized better placement of the men, rather than in a line. Are you Dutch? Uitstekend werk, gefeliciteerd. (Ik ben G.N., maar 60 jaren geleden, heb ik 5 jaar te Utrecht tot Arts gestudeerd.)
    Mort Linder

    • Hi Mort,

      thanks for the feedback, yes the upper right is a bit static. I however did not arrange the people, in these 4 images they arranged themselves.

      Sure I am dutch, but when I count the years most of them where outside Holland.


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