Kampong Siem – Cambodia – Janurary 2014

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Why do I only work in Black and White? A question I hear from time to time from others.. sometimes ask this myself as well. For me it is about reducing the image to the message it carries.. it “tells” a better story, I think. Leaving out the colors let me focus on the subject more deeply.

My camera delivers the images in color, sometimes it hurts a bit to convert it to Black and White… sometimes I say to myself I know how to make a decent monochrome image… sometimes I think to try color and show it here. Let me think more deeply about this, maybe someday I will change my style.

Kampong Siem - Cambodia - Janurary 2014

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7 comments on “Kampong Siem – Cambodia – Janurary 2014
  1. Robyn Graham says:

    Very nice portrait and I agree with your sentiments on black and white…I do also produce color images, but I am finding it to be less often. More recently, especially, I have been focusing more on black and white. It just depends on the subject! Nice work!

  2. Nil1950 says:

    I come from the old black and white tradition with darkroom and all and it took me some time, learning to look differently and two camera changes to really appreciate the extra possibilities of digital color… Black and white was my first love and that has not changed… like you, I believe it goes straight to the essence of what you want to show.

    Though I love both by now, no complaints here about your lovely portraits… 😉

  3. I have always liked your photos, such rich textures and great emotional content. I do color but love to look at B&W.

  4. There is no need for you to process in color. There is nothing missing from these shots. They are perfect!

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