Impressing the girls

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In some parts of Cambodia parents build little huts for their children. The boys get slightly larger ones… What is happening there?

The teenagers can get visitors, a boy or a girlfriend… just the opposite of arranged marriage.

Nothing stays like it is, the world is developing and those traditions are disappearing. Romantic moments in the evening around a motorbike of the bigger ones in the spare light of a diesel generator seem to be the next future…  anyway, it is a life without Facebook and other Internet platforms.

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2 comments on “Impressing the girls
  1. Olivia May says:


    In Yunnan Province of China, there is a ethnic called Mosuo who has the similar tradition, the girls
    (only)have their huts from 13, get males (boys and men)visitors at night, they might have children but no marrige at all.

    Today they get curious tourists from other part of China …

    • thanks for sharing your thoughts, other places other traditions.. as long as it is no voyeurism a bit of curiosity might be healthy to learn about the world and people that live there.

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