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Happy fisherman

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Kaoh Piek - Cambodia - Janurary 2014

Garage wedding shop

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Kampot - Cambodia - Janurary 2014


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Antwerpen - Belgium - June 2014

Cool boy…

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Ratanak Kiri  - Cambodia - Janurary 2014

Wise man…

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Ratanak Kiri  - Cambodia - Janurary 2014

Sad corridors

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Traveling implies to stay at hotels, sometimes cheap sometimes middle class. After dinner when returning to the room sometimes I see something magic. Here some samples. maybe a start of a series…

Happy tailor at work

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Kampot - Cambodia - Janurary 2014

Cutting feet

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In Campong Cham we met this friendly man. He wanted to practice his French… so we (my French is far from perfect) tried. We had a nice chat and with the help of our hands and feet we managed to exchange some thoughts. After this conversation I asked to take his portrait. Asking is what I normally do and as in 99% of the cases he agreed.

So I took this portrait, nice feeling I think.. looking closer I realized I cut of the feet; a typical mistake it happens even when you are making a lot of photo’s of people. The question is if it still is a good image. Well I think so, in this case it is acceptable.

So, what do you think? Just leave a comment with your thoughts!

Campong Cham - Cambodia - Janurary 2014So, what do you think?

2 Happy men and rollator

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Battambang - Cambodia - Janurary 2014

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