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sometimes we have to decide… decisions without regrets…


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Cheers and have a great evening!

Santa Clara - Cuba - January 2009

Santa Clara – Cuba – January 2009

Decisive hands

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Santa Clara - Cuba - January 2009

Santa Clara – Cuba – January 2009

A bit sad…

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This boy was walking around at the dark fish market in Sittwe (Burma). The traders and sellers clearly did not want him there, they where not what you call friendly to him… I smiled and wanted to take a portrait, lost him and after half an hour or so, he appeared again.  I took this portrait, he clearly has not that luck in life. So I wanted to buy him something to eat outside, he escaped and I could not find him again.

If you visit Sittwe and see him at the market or around… just buy him something to eat.

Sittwe - Burma - January 2010

Sittwe – Burma – January 2010

Domino in the street

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Chess School

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In an earlier post I showed one portrait taken in a Cuban chess school in Cienfuegos. Today I decided to select some more impressions from there.

White suit

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Viñales - Cuba - January 2009

Viñales – Cuba – January 2009

Trinidad portrait at home

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Saturday night

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Saintiago de Cuba - Cuba - January 2009

Saintiago de Cuba – Cuba – January 2009


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Trinidad - Cuba - January 2009

Trinidad – Cuba – January 2009


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Cienfuegos - Cuba - January 2009

Cienfuegos – Cuba – January 2009

Moustache Brothers

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Today, a slide show of a Moustache Brothers live performance.

The Moustache Brothers are a comedic trio from Mandalay, Burma. They are well known for their live performances and specially for their sharply satirical criticism of the totalitarian Burmese military regime.

Have a look at a home performance of the brothers and listen to Lu Maw talking about three generations of comedians and what happens after a performance at the home of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Best portrait (click for large version)

Mandalay - Burma - January 2010

Mandalay – Burma – January 2010

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